Baby Cribs - 7 Tips for Choosing the Best Baby Cribs

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03 Jan

Choosing your baby's crib is an important decision. Here are seven things to think about when you go shopping.

1. First Security

Make sure the cradle you choose is safe. The best way to do this is to find a cradle with JPMA certification. This will ensure that the cradle meets the minimum safety requirements announced by the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission), as well as voluntary safety standards issued by the American Society for Testing and Materials. These standards are stricter and safer than mandatory CPSC infant safety standards.

Also check for yourself that the crib is sturdy and well-made.

2. Consider Comfort

You will spend a lot of energy to lift the baby in and out of the baby crib. Look for a baby crib with drop-side and adjustable height of the mattress to facilitate this task. You might also want to find a bed with a rolling caster. This will allow you to move the bed easily if you want to do it.

3. Where Babies Will Sleep

The location of the baby's bed in question is a big factor in determining the right baby bed for you. If you want your baby to sleep in your room, you might want to consider a small baby bed. Your choices include cradles, basketball moses or cradles, all of which can be used until a four month old baby. Or there are long-term options like Amby's bed or co-sleeper.

If you want your baby to sleep in a separate nursery, a good idea is to place a flower basket in a full size crib. In this way babies get the security of small baby beds while getting used to their own space.

4. Size and Shape of Calculations

If you have a small babysitting for work, you might want to consider a mini cradle or a corner cradle instead of the usual one. Both of these options save a lot of space. On the other hand, if you have a large baby room, a round box placed in the center can be more attractive than a standard crib on the wall.

5. Pay the Right Price

A good baby bed does not need to be charged for arms and legs. Your baby's budget will be quite thin over the next few months without paying too much for your cradle. There are many great ways to save money when you shop. Here are some examples:

* Shop for sales by signing up for bulletins at your local stores and online retailers.

* Think of e-Bay. You can often get a new crib directly from the box at a very discounted price.

* If you shop online, look for free shipping options.

6. Consider Baby Growth

This may seem far from now, but it won't be long before your baby becomes a toddler and has to move from bed to bed. Will you have another baby to take a bed? If not, consider a conversion cradle that will grow with your child.

7. Choose Your Finish Carefully

Make sure you have a plan for baby nurseries before deciding to finish your baby's crib to form part of the overall design. Here are a few tips:

* If you have a small nursery, stay away from dark furniture, because it will make the room feel smaller.

* If you are going to forward this cradle to the second baby, stick with neutral and uniseks colors that match any theme or color scheme.

* If you choose a cradle computer technology article that can be converted, consider what final results are suitable for toddlers and teenage rooms.

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